Our falafel mix is made from 75% chickpeas, spices, onions and garlic, completely real and high quality, dried in a unique process developed over years by the chefs and technologists of the Pellefood company.

When adding the water to the mix, the ingredients return to their natural state.

We do not add to the mix substances such as: flour, bread or monosodium glutamate.

Falafel’Z Falafel mix is delicious! and supplied as shelf-stable mix without the need of refrigerated storage with a shelf life of 18 months.

Making the mixture from the mix is very easy, all you need is a bowl, cold water and a whisk for mixing and after about 20 minutes you can fry amazing falafel.

The use of the our falafel mix saves work space without large tools in the business, does not require prior knowledge, purchase of materials, prevents situations of getting “stuck” without falafel mixture during particularly busy days (old fashion making falafel mixture requires a process that begins with soaking hummus the day before),

and prevents depreciation in excess production.

The combination between machines and our falafel mixes is of course suitable for falafel stores and especially for stores that wish to become chain stores.
Also suitable for Events, food services, catering companies, tourist sites, outdoor events, hotels, food factories and more…

We market our products worldwide through distributors and directly to a wide variety of food factories, restaurants, falafel shops, food chains, event gardens, tourist sites, institutional kitchens, catering companies, food service and more.

There are 2 types of machines for making falafel on the market: old type machines which are cumbersome machines without fryers and without standards that are very difficult to use and place over the frying device and most importantly they are not safe to use!
Compared to Falafel’Z machines, which are manufactured with advanced technologies and advanced human engineering, that makes the daily operation and cleaning very simple efficient. This includes, among other things, a falafel mixture hopper container located away from the oil which is easily disassembled for storage in the refrigerator when stopping work or cleaning and a button to determine the amount of balls per frying cycle. Our machines have standards of the Israeli Standards Institute and the European CE standard and safety measures.

We produce three different models:

  1. BM60 -A falafel machine for making falafel balls without a fryer, to be installed on an existing fryer. Its main advantage is the possibility of frying large quantities of falafel balls by placing them on a large fryer.
  2. SA10 – A falafel machine that includes a built-in fryer with a capacity of 10 liters of oil and single-phase or three-phase electricity consumption. The machine easily produces 50 falafel balls in a three-minute frying cycle.

    Intended to be placed in front of customers.

  3. SAD20 – A falafel machine that includes a built-in fryer with a capacity of 20 liters of oil and three-phase electricity consumption. The machine easily produces 100 falafel balls in a four-minute frying cycle.

    Intended to be placed in front of customers.

All our falafel machines are easily disassembled into several parts for easy cleaning and the possibility of transferring from one place to another.

The machines save on expensive labor and make it possible to easily produce consistent falafel balls with a winning texture and in large quantities.
Our falafel machines are an attraction in front of the customers in the business and at the push of a button the operator produces falafel balls while he is engaged in providing service to customers and preparing dishes.

Sometimes it is necessary to make adjustments to the grinding thickness of the falafel mixture.
When using too coarse falafel mixture, the balls are not shaped well and you get a lot of crumbs in the oil.
We advise how to make these adjustments.