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Falafel’Z is an innovative brand that was developed by Pellefood Ltd. The company manufactures and markets food products and machinery in order to meet all the needs and problems of producing falafel using our falafel machines and premium falafel mix.

Falafel Mix

Professional falafel mix, the really easy and tasty product! The perfect solution for Falafel’s private and business market, adopted by the best chefs as a leader product in the best catering companies, hotels, food service kitchens and many others. Works perfectly with our falafel machines.

falafel mix

About our falafel machines and falafel mix!

We Provide The Best Solutions for Falafel Preparation!

We service traditional selling points and dining areas such as institutional kitchens, banquet halls, hotels, cafeterias, festivals, and more.
Our high-grade unique falafel mixes were created to give a perfect solution to the chefs and cooks and a tasty experience for the consumer.
We supply a wide range of services and products starting from modern sophisticated falafel machines to producing and frying falafel. We also provide complimentary products such as special stands for the machines, packaging, consultation solutions for selling points and solutions for preparation of falafel.

Available now, machines for commercial production of falafel balls and the original falafel mix for international distribution.

Falafel Machines

Automatic falafel machines, sophisticated and simple to operate “Anyone can do it”! High quality Produced with leading technology.Variety of machines, Just “Plug and fry” !

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SAD20 falafel machine
Falafel Machines

SAD20 Automatic Falafel Machine

SAD20 – “Semi Automatic Double” Falafel Machine 1. High productivity – 1 ball/second allows quick production for spike in demand, 100 ready made falafel balls in less