Company Profile

Company Profile

Pellefood is an innovative company founded in 2008.
The company specializes in developing, producing and marketing
food products and machinery, especially automatic falafel machines
and premium falafel mixes.

Pellefood is a supplier of quality machines and food products to a wide range of customers worldwide.
Pellefood cooperates with Israel’s leading manufacturers and most effective solutions.
In Pellefood we focus on customer service and offer professional technicians and efficient distribution systems throughout the country.
With Pellefood each client receives personal attention and a quick response to every request at any time.

The company founders identified the technical operational challenges
in kitchens and the need for solutions for smooth and efficient operations.
Following this, Pellefood was founded with the vision of improving work efficiency in kitchens using automatic machines and innovative products,
especially with the concept of producing falafel at the endpoints using Pellefoods automatic falafel machine.

Over the years, the vision began to take shape and became reality through hard work, perseverance, creativity and excellence in every field.
Pellefood can attribute its great reputation thanks to the dedicated and personal
service to many retail customers and institutional markets in Israel and worldwide.

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